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Introducing our Pet Teeth Cleaning Finger Wipes, the perfect solution for keeping your pet's oral hygiene in check. Say goodbye to bad breath and hello to fresh, clean teeth with our specially formulated wipes. Our wipes are designed to prevent tartar and plaque build up, promoting healthy teeth and gums for your furry friends. Infused with tea polyphenol and food grade citric acid, these wipes are gentle yet effective. Unscented for your pet's comfort, these wipes are suitable for both cats and dogs. Give your pet the gift of a healthy smile with our Pet Teeth Cleaning Finger Wipes.

Pet Teeth Cleaning Finger Wipes

SKU: 200212140004
  • Ingredients:

    Cetylpyridinium chloride monohydrate, Sodium benzote,, Glycerol, Citric acid, Tea polyphenois, Aqua

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