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Introducing our Pet Paw Pad Balm, the perfect solution for preventing dry cracks and providing relief from dryness on your pet's paw pads. Our balm is specially formulated to moisturize and hydrate your pet's paw pads, leaving them feeling soft and smooth. Made with all-natural ingredients, our balm is safe for use on all types of pets and promotes healthy paw pad skin, suitable for cats and dogs. Say goodbye to rough, dry paw pads and hello to paw perfection with our Pet Paw Pad Balm. Keep your pet's paws in tip-top condition with regular application of our soothing balm.


SKU: 200212140006
  • Ingredients:

    Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Simmodsia, Chinenesis seed oil, Butyrospermum parki fruit oil, beeswax, tocopherol (vitamin E )

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