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Introducing our Pet Paw Fur Shaver, the perfect solution for maintaining your pet's paw pads. Long paw pad fur can impact the walking pattern of your pet, leading to potential slips and falls on slippery surfaces. This shaver is designed to safely and effectively trim excess fur from your pet's paw pads, promoting better traction and stability.Long paw pad fur could Introducing our Pet Paw Fur Shaver, the perfect tool for grooming your furry friend without the hassle. This small and easy to use shaver is designed with a small round blade head to avoid hurting your pet, making it perfect for both dogs and cats. The durable ceramic blade ensures a precise and efficient shave every time. With a USB charging feature, this wireless shaver is easy to bring everywhere, giving you the freedom to groom your pet wherever you are. The added LED light provides a clearer vision of the shaving area, making grooming sessions a breeze. This shaver is especially ideal for cats who prefer to stay at home for grooming purposes. No More grooming stress with our Pet Paw Fur Shaver.

Pet Paw Fur Shaver

SKU: 200212140010
  • Ceramic Blade Pet Paw fur shaver with LED light

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