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About Us 

         Marilyn is a seasoned grooming professional with over a decade of experience, who has displayed her talent in many countries in the Asia Pacific region. Delivering high quality cuts ranging from natural looking to teddy bear clips to dog show standard.


         Picking up the art in Thailand , Marilyn refined her techniques back in her home country of Malaysia with her own business for many years before embarking on a new venture styling the pets of the greater Potts Point area for the past years. Also enchanced her stylist techniques by combining both Western and Asian styles to the meet the latest trend of grooming styles.

          Marilyn received her bachelors majoring in animal biology (Bsc), she has extensive knowledge with animal behaviour enabling her to handling; communicating; and understanding your pet's needs.

          Growing up with pets of her own, Marilyn has designed this nurturing environment which gives your pets the feeling of a second home. This explains why our daycare lounge does not incorporate open windows, to minimise the distraction or anxiety from the outside world.

           What empowers Marilyn's high level of care for your pets is the encouragement from her son (Bert the Black Cat), and daughter (Ernie the Moodle). Treating your pets as if it is her own.

           Our family look forward to welcoming you and your furry loved ones to Dog de Mi'ow.


Meet Our Cutest Team

Marilyn Potts Point

Business Development Manager

Marilyn Dog Grooming

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